Week #8 — Overall

Cooper Joti Nonggorr
2 min readMay 14, 2021
Darn it! Another Four!

First off I’d like to say sorry for how late these posts are. As I’ve said in my other posts, I’ve spent the previous week focusing on my Visual Communication assessment. I ended up handing the assessment in the day after since I completely underestimated the time it would take to print the zine. I also underestimated how many issues I would run into over the course of my stressful printing journey. More details about it are in this week’s Visual Communication post.

The combination of trying to figure out and properly pursue an idea for the Visual Communication assessment over the course of the week and the stress and anxiety while attempting to print it were enough to drag this week way down. Thankfully I didn’t rate this week on Monday since I would likely have given it a two because of how I was feeling at the time.

However, I can’t discount the satisfaction felt with the finished (kind of) zine. Despite having to rework the idea after learning that the zines needed raster and vector components, I was still able to make something somewhat okay.

The feedback I got from Rae was very helpful and was actually quite excited to try and implement the recommended changes.

Also, this week was also made slightly more positive by the fact that the Queensland Reds won the Super Rugby Championship on Sunday!

My younger brother, Zane, plays for them as their number 18. They squared off against the Brumbies for the third time this season and like the two previous games, it was a nail biter.

It’s ridiculous! Every time was the same! The Brumbies would take the lead early and maintain it for almost the whole game with a few spaced out tries. The Reds would follow behind with as many field goals as they could get and then in the last few minutes, overtake the Brumbies and take the victory with a try or another field goal. In-fact, this time they took the lead/victory AFTER full-time.

I’m sorry. I’m getting a little distracted. I’m just so happy that Zane and the Reds won.

Anyways, This week had some ups and some downs. However, it was mostly down with regards to University (hence the four).

I’m hoping that since the only assessment left is the final assessment, I will have time to work on each of my subjects/courses more equally.



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