Week #8–7125GFS CGI: Character Modelling

My focus for this week was Visual Communication so sadly I was unable to get much work done in the area of CGI: Character Modelling this week.

I still intend to retopologize the surface of my mesh but I understand that it will be a task and a half to do so along with the rigging that is required for the assessment due in week twelve (assessment #3). In addition to this I will need to go over the weekly material that I missed out on when I didn’t make it to class on Monday (Week 9).

Now that I have completed assessment two for Visual Communication, I can more equally divide my time between the two subjects.

Before submitting the second assessment for CGI: Character Modelling, I had managed to do some work on retopologizing the body, arm, and part of the hand.I intend to resume work on the hand this week.



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Cooper Joti Nonggorr

Aspiring graphic designer and 3D modeller. Graduate of Bond University. Avid Disney fan.