Week #6–7521QCA Visual Communication

This week marked the end of assessment one. It went pretty well in my opinion. I wanted my final submission to be as polished as I could get it.

I actually ended up giving it a contents page. I had the room, so why not.

Starting Assessment #2

This week also marks the beginning of assessment two, the zine.

This was our primary focus during class. We started off with watching a video about zines, their authors, events they are featured in, how they are printed and more.

The video was very enlightening. We were told what zines were at the beginning of the trimester but up until this most recent class, I had no idea that it was so free. At first I thought it was supposed to be a mini magazine with informative text and images within rigid structure. But now I realise there is much more creative freedom.

I have to say, thinking about it actually made me excited to start the assessment.

After watching the video, the class took part in a similar activity to the one during our first class. We were to write down ten topics for our zines. Except this time it was on a Mirio board. Also, we had to research images of zines that stood out to and inspired us.

The ten topics I noted down this time were:

  1. Imagination
  2. Bananas
  3. Green Tea
  4. Life in Papua New Guinea
  5. LEGO
  6. Offensive hand gestures
  7. Rag-doll Cats
  8. My Monday
  9. Baking Cookies
  10. Irregular Astigmatism

These are some of the images of zines that stood out to me.

After those activities, we were left to do more research on zines and to consider what idea we would be settling on.

Once again I was confronted by indecisiveness in the light of creative freedom. However, thinking this actually caused me to stumble upon the idea of my zine.

Chosen Zine Idea

It was actually inspired by a couple of the assessment one tasks. I’m talking about the sketches that I then converted to digital versions and then to vector graphics.

High Fry (left) | Orc Dork (right)

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, the sketches I drew for these tasks came about as a result of rhyming words. In these two cases, they were “High Fry” (left) and “Orc Dork” (right).

My idea is to make a zine filled with vector illustrations inspired by oddly paired rhyming words.

I already have a couple of extra sketches from assessment one that I could include in it.

Stricken Chicken (left) | Royal Boil (right)

These two images are called “Stricken Chicken” and “Royal Boil”. I had so much fun sketching “High Fry” and “Orc Dork” that I kept going and sketched these two.

I’ve spent some time this week writing down sets of rhyming words for other possible illustrations. So far, I‘ve come up with a lot of them. Unfortunately, going through so many rhymes has kind of made me numb to them. I can’t accurately judge whether some of them are good rhymes or bad ones.

Regrettably, I fear that my habit of telling dad jokes might be leaking through to my choice of rhymes…

There are a few that I liked enough to make early sketches of but I’m still having a hard time choosing which of the others to move forward with. I think this is something I will bring up in class this coming week. Maybe I’ll ask Rae and the class for some rhyme recommendations as well.

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