Right off the bat, the first thing we did for this week’s class was an instructor feedback survey. I’ve always liked the idea of these surveys. I used to do a lot of them during my Bachelors degree at Bond University. The anonymity allows for honest feedback. However, from time to time it can be difficult to answer some questions since there is little context to support them. Luckily, this survey had a comment section.

I had already arrived to class early and was forced to set up in the corner of the room, away from everyone, in order to…

This week in CGI: Character Modelling we were working on the second stages of rigging. I missed the first stages of rigging last week.

The previous week involved creating the skeleton of the mes. This week involved creating the skin weights and basic controls.

Normally, there is the option to go straight into painting on the skin weights. However, our lecturer/tutor taught us a good way to create a starting point. I didn’t know this but there is an editor in Maya called the “Human IK” editor. Basically, it generates a control rig for a humanoid figure. …

This week’s class was quite productive. We were thankfully allowed to work on our assessment for the vast majority of our time while Rae went around the room to see where we were at in terms of progress. After making the edits to my zine that Rae recommended, I showed the result to her during class and asked her some of the questions I had while implementing said changes. Samples of the updated zine can be found in my previous Visual Communication blog post.

Our brief discussion revealed that I was heading in the right direction. It also came with…

This week I actually managed to get another section done. Section seven was all about CSS selectors. There were a few that I already knew but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a great deal I didn’t know.

I already knew how to reference elements, classes and IDs along with how to use a couple of pseudo classes but there was more than I thought there was.

There are also more pseudo classes, attribute selectors and pseudo elements.

One of the main takeaways from this section is specificity and prioritisation. Up until now, I wasn’t entirely aware…

This has been a somewhat productive week for CGI: Character Modelling.

I say “somewhat” because while I’ve done quite a bit of work, it feels like it was all spent on something that shouldn’t have taken so long.

This week I managed to finish retopologizing the hand and only just started retopologizing the leg. The hand took far longer than I thought it would. I ended up having to build it from scratch using the hand featured in “Beginners Guide to Character Creation in Maya”.

Retopologized Hand

Okay, I’ve finally managed to actually do something in Visual Communication this week. So far I’ve been primarily working on making adjustments to my zine in accordance with the feedback provided by Rae.

Zine Edits

I’ve made a number of changes to the zine that aren’t all apparent in the following images.

Darn it! Another Four!

First off I’d like to say sorry for how late these posts are. As I’ve said in my other posts, I’ve spent the previous week focusing on my Visual Communication assessment. I ended up handing the assessment in the day after since I completely underestimated the time it would take to print the zine. I also underestimated how many issues I would run into over the course of my stressful printing journey. More details about it are in this week’s Visual Communication post.

The combination of trying to figure out and properly pursue an idea for the Visual Communication assessment…

I have failed to complete a section yet again. Much like the week previous, I was totally focussed on an assessment due the following week and did not reserve time for Web Development.

This next week I don’t have a due assessment so I’m hoping to do some work on this course then.

My focus for this week was Visual Communication so sadly I was unable to get much work done in the area of CGI: Character Modelling this week.

I still intend to retopologize the surface of my mesh but I understand that it will be a task and a half to do so along with the rigging that is required for the assessment due in week twelve (assessment #3). In addition to this I will need to go over the weekly material that I missed out on when I didn’t make it to class on Monday (Week 9).

Now that I…

This previous week has been pretty much entirely dedicated to Visual Communication. To be honest it’s been pretty up and down.

This week had another public holiday on Monday so there was no class. Thankfully, Monday classes were moved to Tuesday. However, that also meant there was a late start to the week.

While in class, we once again talked about assessment #2 with the following submission being on the following Monday.

In the week seven post (I think), I mentioned that my understanding of the zine assessment changed from the initial explanation at the beginning of the trimester. This…

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