Right off the bat, the first thing we did for this week’s class was an instructor feedback survey. I’ve always liked the idea of these surveys. I used to do a lot of them during my Bachelors degree at Bond University. The anonymity allows for honest feedback. However, from time…

This week in CGI: Character Modelling we were working on the second stages of rigging. I missed the first stages of rigging last week.

The previous week involved creating the skeleton of the mes. This week involved creating the skin weights and basic controls.

Normally, there is the option to…

This has been a somewhat productive week for CGI: Character Modelling.

I say “somewhat” because while I’ve done quite a bit of work, it feels like it was all spent on something that shouldn’t have taken so long.

This week I managed to finish retopologizing the hand and only just…

Okay, I’ve finally managed to actually do something in Visual Communication this week. So far I’ve been primarily working on making adjustments to my zine in accordance with the feedback provided by Rae.

Zine Edits

I’ve made a number of changes to the zine that aren’t all apparent in the following images.

Darn it! Another Four!

First off I’d like to say sorry for how late these posts are. As I’ve said in my other posts, I’ve spent the previous week focusing on my Visual Communication assessment. I ended up handing the assessment in the day after since I completely underestimated the time it would take…

I have failed to complete a section yet again. Much like the week previous, I was totally focussed on an assessment due the following week and did not reserve time for Web Development.

This next week I don’t have a due assessment so I’m hoping to do some work on this course then.

Cooper Joti Nonggorr

Aspiring graphic designer and 3D modeller. Graduate of Bond University. Avid Disney fan.

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